Whole Home Performance HVAC Audits


Find out ways to save energy and money with Air Patrol Air Conditioning's Fireplace repair services in Carrollton TX

As a member of “The Comfort Institute,” we at Air Patrol Air Conditioning strive to perfect the whole home performance of our customers’ home heating and air conditioning systems and improve the efficiency of these systems. Through a process of auditing every portion of your home HVAC system, we can diagnose inefficiencies in the entire system, and address those issues.


  • If your ductwork is leaking treated air – we will seal those ducts
  • We will test for cold spots and hot spots – if we find cold and hot spots, we will address these issues through insulation improvement
  • Are your energy bills too high? – we can fine-tune your HVAC settings to run more efficiently and save energy and money
  • Is your skin dry, or is your house stuffy? – we address all indoor climate issues, down to the smallest details. we can install humidifiers or de-humidifiers to perfectly balance the dew point in your home, as well as address mold issues
  • Does your family suffer from breathing problems, allergies, or asthma? – we can address indoor air quality issues in your home by testing for contaminates and allergens, then removing toxic particles from your indoor air with our indoor air quality improvement products (air scrubbers, filters, uv lamps, etc.)
  • Is your HVAC system noisy? – this is a sign that the unit may need maintenance. we will tune up your HVAC system and ensure that it is running efficiently and quietly
  • Have a dusty home? – stop the dust before it has a chance to settle with our latest technologies in dust control and air filtration

Basically, contracting Air Patrol Air Conditioning to maximize your whole home performance means that you are allowing us to suggest our indoor comfort solutions to you, in order to improve the overall efficiency of your HVAC system and the comfort of your home.