Why Is My Heating System Blowing Cold Air?

As a homeowner, you can troubleshoot a heater that still turns on but blows cold air. This problem could have an easy fix, but it could also require a professional technician to make a repair. Here’s a quick guide to why your heater might be blowing cold air.


Dirt buildup on a filter can block warm air from flowing into your home. It’s important to replace the filter every three months. Not only is the air blocked from flowing out, but the dirty filter can also cause the equipment to overheat. Parts and components can break down faster, and the unit could become permanently damaged. Replacing the filter on schedule is a simple yet important task.


If your thermostat has been set incorrectly or not adjusted properly for winter weather, your equipment can blow cold air. You may find that the fan has been inadvertently set to the on position. In that case, it will operate constantly, and the air it blows out won’t have been warmed. Consequently, it will feel colder than expected. When a heater is set to auto, it will cycle on and off according to the temperature requested. Reset your system to auto, choose the temperature you prefer and allow the equipment to respond.


The small flame of your pilot light is the ignition source for your burner. Without it, the burner won’t ignite. When the pilot light goes out, the air your heater blows will feel cold. If you know how to relight the system, you can easily correct this. If you don’t or you have other concerns, contact a licensed technician for help. Anywhere in Dallas or Fort Worth, Air Patrol Air Conditioning will provide the assistance you need. We can relight your furnace and check it for safety problems.


There is often a simple solution to correcting a poorly functioning heater, but sometimes cool air coming from your heating equipment is a sign of mechanical problems. If you look into the suggestions we’ve outlined above and the issues persist, it’s time to call in a professional.

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