Why Is My Water Heater Leaking Water?

If drips and puddles are accumulating beneath your hot water heater, there’s a chance your heater may be leaking. Hot water heater leaks can be the result of defective valves or a corroded tank. When temperatures are chilly, though, condensation can collect on the outside of the tank and drip on to the floor. How do you know if it’s condensation or a leak? If something’s interfering with your supply of hot water, then it’s probably time to call your HVAC professional.


Your hot water heater contains two valves. The drain valve sits above the pipe that empties water from the heater tank while the temperature-pressure relief valve, which is also called the TP valve, is located near the water heater’s top.

When drain valves become loose, they often start to leak. Drain valves are easily tightened with a few twists of a wrench. TP valves begin to leak when the water temperature is turned up too high and there’s a buildup of pressure within the tank. Occasionally, though, a leaky TP valve is related to the pressure of the input water supply. If a TP valve is leaking, it generally needs to be replaced.


Corrosion is a chemical reaction that’s caused by the buildup of calcium and magnesium deposits. Water often contains traces of these minerals, and they precipitate out. Over time, they form a type of sediment called “scale”. This happens if your water tank is not regularly cleaned.

The lining of your water tank is usually made of glass, which is impervious to corrosion. If the lining cracks, however, the scale will get down to the bottom of your tank and initiate the corrosion process. Anode rods can help retard the process. Many times, though, water tanks that are more than 15 years old will show signs of corrosion no matter what you do. If that happens, the water tank must be replaced.

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