What To Do About A Rusty Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner was designed to withstand rain, wind, ice, and sunshine. However, your unit can still develop rust over its lifetime. If you’re noticing rust, that might be a sign of serious trouble for your system. Here’s what to do with that rusty AC unit in your home.


Rust can happen in all areas of the United States. However, it’s more common in coastal areas. When the salt air settles in your unit, the corrosion process begins. If you ignore the rust and allow it to continue to corrode, your warranty might even be voided by the manufacturer.

In addition to that, rust can be unsightly. If you see rust on the outside of the unit, you can guarantee that corrosion is occurring on important components, including the condenser coils. Once this component starts to rust, the air conditioner could fail. With unchecked corrosion, you can cause significant damage to your system.


The good news is that a rusty air conditioner can be fixed. However, you’ll need to catch it in the early stages of deterioration. You can use some household products, including a nylon brush, sandpaper, and a degreasing solution. With a little elbow grease, you can remove it by yourself. Once it is cleaned, you need to apply a rust-proof primer and paint.

If you notice that the damage is severe, you’ll want to call a professional technician. At Air Patrol Air Conditioning in Farmers Branch, we can take the necessary steps to repair your unit, and we can prevent issues from occurring in the future. Preventative maintenance can help you avoid a rusty AC unit.


Whether you need a maintenance visit or a repair service call in your Dallas home, Air Patrol Air Conditioning is ready to help you. We’ve been assisting customers in the area since 2003. Our technicians have the experience to install, repair, and replace all heating and air conditioning units. We can also install electric or gas fireplaces as well. When you need service in the Dallas area, call Air Patrol Air Conditioning.