What Parts Of Your Home Need More Ventilation?

Ventilation is a crucial element of cooling and heating your home. Too much natural ventilation can mean that you’re spending more on energy than you should. On the other hand, too little ventilation can lead to a wide range of problems — pollutants, mold, allergies and so on. With that in mind, let us consider the areas in your home where exhausts and an intake of fresh air are most important.


Air Patrol Air Conditioning has been providing heating and cooling services throughout the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area since 2004. When it comes to ventilation, kitchens are a point of emphasis for us. Many people do not appreciate just how much pollution is introduced into a home from the kitchen, and proper ventilation keeps that in check.


Kitchens are a close second, but no room in a home builds up more moisture than a bathroom. Adequate ventilation gets rid of that condensation and helps to ensure that mold does not occur.


Washing machines and dyers create a lot of pollution, and it is imperative that they are properly vented. Small enclosed laundry rooms often require additional ventilation due to just how much pollution can build up in those areas in a short period.


Ideally, the temperature of the air in your attic should be the same as the external temperature. Although this ideal is usually not met, ventilation is important in getting close to it. It also prevents energy loss in summer due to excess heat and in the wintertime from ice dams.


An unfinished basement may not be ventilated well, and it is an area that is prone to moisture and mold. This becomes more problematic when a basement is finished. Additional ventilation is usually required.


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