What Is Super Cooling?

Your air conditioner uses more energy than any other device. According to the Department of Energy, the typical heating and cooling costs make up about 48% of your energy bills. These bills can be high, especially during those summer months. If you have high energy costs, you may want to look for ways to save some money without sacrificing your comfort.

Some homeowners will set their thermostats at 79 degrees throughout the day. However, others want to maximize their savings with a method called supercooling. With this technique, you can keep your home cool and reduce the costs of your electric bills.


Supercooling can cool down your home without wasting a ton of money on bills. This technique involves cooling your home to an extremely low temperature, such as 60 degrees. When the home is cooled down to this temperature, it will stay cool throughout the day. You want to cool your home at a specific time of the day. Once you reach that desired temperature, you will need to turn off your air conditioner for the rest of the day.

According to this concept, when you lower the temperature in your home, everything in your home will cool down. These items include furniture, indoor air, countertops, floors, upholstery, and walls. When the air conditioner stops running for the day, it will take some time for those items to heat up in your home. In theory, you can keep the air conditioner off throughout the hottest part of the day. By the evening, you will want to turn on the air conditioner to start the cooling process again.

Supercooling can help reduce costs by limiting your energy consumption. Many people start the cooling process at night because the energy costs are lower. During the day and afternoon, the electric company charges more per kilowatt.


When you operate your air conditioner throughout the day, it will be turning on and off on a consistent basis. With supercooling, the air conditioner will only run for a specific period. Your energy plan will play a significant role in this cooling process.

Before you start to supercool, you must know your energy plan. This technique is only effective if your electric company charges different rates for peak and off-peak hours. With supercooling, you need to switch up your energy usage patterns so that most of your energy is consumed in those off-peak times.

Most electric companies charge less for energy during the off-peak hours. This will mean significant savings for your home when you implement supercooling. Some homeowners believe that you can save about 25% to 35% on your cooling costs, especially if you can implement this method. With supercooling, you can easily save hundreds of dollars by wintertime.


If you are looking to get the most out of this technique, there are a few things you should know. First of all, you want to understand your specific energy plan. You can always call the electric company and find out if they charge different rates for peak and off-peak hours. In some cases, you can find this information on the provider’s website. All you have to do is check your usage statistics and consumption patterns.

This information will give you a good idea where you can reduce costs. You can also determine whether you are using more energy in the peak or off-peak hours. Some providers offer plans that don’t include off-peak hours. If that is the case with your home, you can always talk to your provider about switching plans. The process is pretty simple, and you can handle this change over the phone.

If you are already using the majority of your electricity in the off-peak hours, then supercooling might not be the best technique. However, you can still save some money with this process, especially if your air conditioner operates during those expensive peak hours.

For those who want an easier time implementing these changes, you should look at installing a programmable thermostat. This type of thermostat will help eliminate the stress of switching your air conditioner on and off. You never have to worry about getting up in the middle of the night to turn on the air. All you have to do is program the thermostat to turn on during those off-peak hours. Once the temperature is low, the thermostat can stay off in the peak energy hours.

With supercooling, it will get cold in your home. You will need warm blankets and clothes to stay comfortable when the air conditioner is operating. In addition to that, you should make sure your home is sealed so that cool air doesn’t escape over the course of the day. If you are looking to keep the interior cool in the day, you will want to block out the sun’s rays. Direct sunshine can heat up your home. You will want to keep your windows covered and closed during the day. An energy audit can help find those leaks in your home. For those who want a home energy audit, make sure to contact Air Patrol Air Conditioning.


Depending on the size of your home and energy plan, you will need to set the thermostat to meet your needs. For the most part, energy providers have an off-peak time between 10 p.m. and noon. You will want to start turning down the thermostat to 70 degrees around 10 p.m. In the morning, you can turn up the thermostat to 74 degrees. By noon, you will want to turn off the air conditioner. This will keep your home cool for most of the day. At these temperatures, your indoor temp will get to 80 degrees by mid-afternoon. You can customize your plan to meet your energy requirements. If you can get your home cooler at night, the house will stay in the 75-degree range throughout the day.


There are many benefits of supercooling your home. This method can reduce the workload of your cooling system. When it only runs at a specific time, there is no excess wear and tear on your parts. You will also save money on your electric costs by improving energy efficiency. In addition to that, your cooling system will have a longer lifespan.


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