What Causes Heating Repairs?

Modern furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers are supposed to last 15 years and even longer. Why is it then that so many homeowners experience equipment breakdowns in winter that require a service call? Read on to learn about the leading causes of heating repairs.


Air Patrol Air Conditioning has been performing heating installations, maintenance, and repairs in Dallas-Fort Worth and the surrounding areas since 2003. We emphasize to our customers that lifespan estimates for heating equipment are based on seasonal maintenance. Many homeowners take a break-fix approach to their heating, which means that they do not call us until something bad happens. Your heating equipment has moving parts, is subjected to intense vibrations and has fine settings that can get out of whack over time. This wear and tear is ongoing, and if left unchecked, it often does not take long for a serious issue to manifest and require you to schedule a heating repair.


Another issue is pressure. Your heating setup was selected and configured based on a specific pressure that is ideal for your home. If that pressure is increased, then real damage can occur rather than just normal wear and tear. Additional pressure is often created by restricting airflow. The most common way this occurs is not changing out filters as needed. It can also occur due to closing registers when a system has a fixed-speed air handler and thus cannot adapt.


Overworking a boiler, furnace or heat pump can also lead to problems. If you have a system that is too large or too small for the home, it will work harder than is optimal. This will lead to a shorter lifespan. Some homeowners also overwork their equipment by adjusting the temperature too often. You can reduce wear and tear by investing in a smart thermostat and setting your optimal temperatures.


Air Patrol Air Conditioning in Farmers Branch is a fully licensed heating and cooling company with NATE-certified technicians on staff. We have been BBB-accredited with an A+ rating for more than a decade and are the proud recipient of several Angie’s List awards. Contact us today to learn more.