Indoor Air Quality Tips For People With Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, poor air quality in your home could make the situation worse. Allergens are behind a variety of health issues — from sniffles and coughs to trouble breathing. The severity of the problem can be worse during specific seasons of the year. Winter temperatures, which often cause people to close doors and windows, lead to an increase in indoor air pollution. Whether you’re trying to deal with seasonal pollen allergies or pet dander throughout the year, there are several steps that you can take to improve your situation. Having clean air in your home is important for both your peace of mind and health.


A properly ventilated home can make a big difference when it comes to indoor air quality. When it’s not allergy season, keeping doors and windows open as much as possible can ensure that there is plenty of fresh air in your home. This will essentially push out and dilute the indoor allergens.

When keep windows and doors closed because of outdoor allergens, having a reliable ventilation system is important. Ventilation in your home can keep the air passing through air filters as it’s cycled through your home. Replacing the air filters of your HVAC unit regularly can keep the air in your home as clean as possible. Most filters need to be replaced every three to six months. Having high-quality air filters in your HVAC system is important to ensure the efficient removal of allergens from the air. HEPA filters are the most efficient.


Many people are allergic to mold and dust mites. Having too much moisture in your home can lead to mold growth in various parts of your home. Dust mites also thrive in a humid environment. Getting a whole-house dehumidifier installed in your home can remove some of this moisture from the air and minimize mold growth. When you’re in the shower, let the humid post-shower air out of your bathroom as soon as possible to reduce the humidity in the space. Getting your home checked regularly for mold and other allergens can also help you keep the problem in check. On the other hand, air that is too dry can also cause lung irritation. A humidifier can keep the air at the right humidity.


The regular cleaning of your home can help minimize the presence of allergens. Hard surfaces for floors can make it easy to keep dust from building up. Wall-to-wall carpet can harbor a lot of allergens. If you have to have carpeted surfaces, use low-pile carpets. Throw rugs that you can wash regularly can also be a great option for flooring. Taking the time to vacuum regularly can keep large amounts of dirt out of your carpets. Certain vacuums are designed to be especially effective for removing specific allergens. Taking your outdoor shoes off before you come inside can keep you from tracking outdoor allergens into your home.

Wiping down surfaces can keep dust mites and other allergens controlled. Using microfiber cloths can keep the particles from becoming airborne as you clean. When you’re dusting shelves, start from the top and work your way down to ensure you get all of the particles.


Pets can be a large source of allergens for many people. Whether you have a cat or a dog, there are several ways that you can reduce the allergens that they deposit throughout your home. In general, people are allergic to pet dander and saliva, not pet hair. Pet dander falls directly off the skin of a dog or a cat and can coat surfaces throughout your home. Keeping your pet properly groomed can greatly reduce the amount of dander in your home. Regular baths and brushings are important for dogs. For cats, keeping their litter box cleaned and contained can reduce the allergen load in your home. There are several breeds of dogs and cats that are known to by hypoallergenic. While no animal is entirely hypoallergenic, choosing the proper breed can help.


People who suffer from allergies can be more prone to coming down with respiratory diseases. Viruses and bacteria can be airborne in your home but be too small to get filtered out by your HVAC system. UV lights have the power needed to inactivate many bacteria and destroy viruses so that they can’t cause an infection. These UV lights can be installed in your HVAC system to ensure that all of the air circulating in your home gets exposed to them.


Soft surfaces like couches and beds can harbor allergens. Take the time to properly vacuum and clean any pillows or bedding that you can’t wash in a conventional washing machine. Regularly washing bedding can keep allergens off of them. Putting an allergy cover on your bed can help reduce the accumulation of particles that you could be allergic to. Children’s soft toys can also harbor allergens and should be washed often. Pet toys are often a major source of allergens and should be cleaned regularly.


Getting an air filtration system installed in your home can keep clean air circulating throughout each room in your house. Whether you’re looking for a whole-house system or individual units, we’ll make sure your system has the power to clean all of the air in your home. Air filtration systems are a great option for the winter months and for people who are living in polluted areas. Air Patrol Air Conditioning can help you choose an air filtration system that’s right for your Farmers Branch home. We work with Carrier air purifiers and filters that can remove many particles and vapors from the air in your home. We’re always happy to offer sound advice about the unique situation that you’re dealing with.


While certain houseplants are known for improving the overall quality of your indoor air, they can also cause an increase in allergens. Plants harbor moisture and can be great places for mold and other allergens to grow.


The air conditioner in your home is one of the best ways to remove allergens from the air. Your air conditioner can also dehumidify the air in your home to keep mold growth as low as possible. To minimize the entry of outdoor allergens, run your system in the recirculating setting.


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