How HVAC Is More Than Air Conditioning

We make many service calls at Air Patrol Air Conditioning during the hot Dallas/Fort Worth cooling season. If there is a problem with your air conditioning system, you know that it needs to be fixed quickly. Homes and businesses can get very uncomfortable when the AC breaks down. The technicians that come out can do more than work with air conditioners. They have been trained in the broad scope of climate control technology known as HVAC. What’s the difference between the two?


An air conditioning system has one primary purpose: to keep things cooler in the warmer months of the year. In addition, as part of the AC process, moisture is removed from humid summer air. There are two main parts to a central air conditioning system. First, there is the outdoor unit, where warm air is blown out of your home. Second, there is the indoor unit, often attached to the furnace, where the air is cooled and blown into the ducts of your home.


Air conditioning is an integral part of an HVAC system. It is what the “AC” in the name stands for. However, an HVAC system has a bigger job to do. A full HVAC system handles the climate control of your home or business all year long. The “H” in HVAC stands for heating. The same ductwork that channels cold air in the summer will also channel warm air from a furnace in the heating season. The “V” in HVAC stands for ventilation.

A full HVAC system includes a ventilator that works to create an exchange of indoor and outdoor air. This helps get fresh air into the building and move irritants and impurities out of the building. An HVAC system will keep your building comfortable in every season.

For all your heating, cooling, and air quality needs, Air Patrol Air Conditioning in Dallas is ready to help. Our NATE-certified HVAC technicians will make sure that your home has a comfortable climate throughout the year. Give us a call and learn more about our trustworthy service.