Your Guide To Keeping Your Older Home Cool

Older homes have a reputation for being less airtight and energy efficient than new houses. However, this does not mean it’s impossible to keep an old residence cool. Here are some tips for keeping temperatures down in your older home all summer long.


A big problem with older homes is that the HVAC unit and ductwork may be very old. Older equipment usually does not run as well, so you might be using a lot of power without actually getting any cooling. If your AC system is more than 10 to 15 years old, it might be time to take advantage of a professional company’s AC installation services. You can also benefit from scheduling maintenance for any older equipment.


Older houses tend to shift a little as they settle over the years, and this can lead to gaps around doors and windows. Adding weatherstripping is a simple project that you can do yourself over the weekend, and it makes sure that cool air stays trapped inside your home where it should be. You may also want to look into adding more insulation, especially around attic doors or other places in old houses that tend to let in hot air.


If you take the time to update your electrical system and install ceiling fans, your house can feel significantly cooler. A fan can make a room feel 4 to 6 degrees cooler than it would with just the AC running. Fans can be particularly effective if you open windows at night to bring cooler air into your house.

As you can see, it’s possible to have an old home that’s cool and comfortable. Air Patrol Air Conditioning in Farmers Branch is here to help with all the AC upgrades and repairs that will go a long way toward making your house cooler. Our talented team is also happy to assist with many other heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.