How Cleaning Your Windows Can Enhance Your Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient windows are all the rage these days. They can help improve the amount of energy that you use each day to cool your home. Heat can easily get absorbed by the wrong windows and end up causing your air conditioning unit to work harder. Air Patrol Air Conditioning in Farmers Branch, TX has some tips that will help you keep your windows clean and end up helping you save money on your electric bill in the short term.


There are so many benefits that we can reap whenever we perform regular cleaning duties. One of the most important benefits is improving the energy efficiency levels in your home. Cleaning your windows can help remove any kind of debris that may be preventing our windows from shutting appropriately. Any cracks can cause air to leak into your home and cause your AC to work harder.


Caulk is placed around our windows to ensure that air does not leak outside. It is also used in order to stop moisture from getting inside and causing water damage. Be sure to schedule regular maintenance on your windows in order to maintain the caulking around your windows. Your energy bill will thank you for it immensely in the future.


Working with a company that you can trust is crucial. You want to ensure that a trusted technician is working on your air conditioning unit whenever they come over to your home. Fortunately, Air Patrol Air Conditioning always goes above and beyond for our clients. We want to ensure that you receive only the best in customer service whenever we work on your air conditioning unit. We provide these services for our customers:

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