Air Patrol Air Conditioning and Heating Service Packages

AC and heating unit problems are not solved by equipment alone. We have a number of “special” services to go along with our HVAC products to ensure your systems are running smoothly and efficiently.

Below is a compilation of some of the special HVAC packages we offer:

The “Quiet Package” includes:

  • Vibration eliminators
  • Canvas duct connectors as required
  • Insulated air return(s)
  • Cross-break sheet metal
  • Install turning vanes where needed

The “Reliability Package” includes:

  • Install new condensate drain system as required
  • Refrigerant removal per federal guidelines
  • Provide customer training
  • Provide completion certificate

The “Exclusive IAQ Package” includes:

  • Caulk with lifetime duct sealant
  • Install filter change schedule
  • (optional) High efficiency air purification system
  • (optional) Easy-change filter grill(s)
  • 5 year condensate system guarantee

The “Exclusive Even Air Flow Package” includes:

  • Install balancing dampeners
  • Set/check cooling air volume
  • Set/check heating air volume
  • (optional) Install new double deflection diffusers
  • (optional) Install new return air grills

The “Energy Saving Package” includes:

  • Use 15% silver brazing rod
  • Evacuate system
  • Complete system leak check before start-up
  • Charge to manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Insulate suction line
  • Perform certified start-up
  • Provide efficiency analysis upon completion

The “Safety-First Electrical Package” includes:

  • Use only copper wire
  • Only sunlight resistant wire ties
  • New low voltage wiring as needed
  • Mark HVAC circuit breakers

The “Durability Package” includes:

  • Factory trained installation and service team
  • High tolerance vacuum pump
  • Install refrigerant dryers
  • New properly sized refrigerant lines

Special HVAC Product and Service Warranties and Guaranties:

We also offer a number of special warranties and other guaranties for our HVAC products and services.


  • 10 year ductwork guarantee
  • 5 year weather tight wall and roof penetrations guarantee
  • 5 year refrigerant circuit guarantee
  • 5 year HVAC electrical wiring guarantee
  • 5 year condensate system guarantee

To learn more about our HVAC, AC and heating products, services, warranties and guaranties, call us directly: 214-261-0034