P42 Panorama


P42 Panorama panorama p42
Following the lofty standard established by the spectacular P48, the P42 carries on the tradition of classic syling and premium performance.Redirect high efficiency heat to adjacent rooms by using the Heat Wave Power Duct system. This will reduce your fuel costs and let you manage heat more efficiently throughout your home.If you want to enjoy Panorama Fireplace with less heat, choose the Heat Release Kit to direct unwanted heat outdoors.With P42 you can adjust the flame down to 50%.P42 comes with variable speed blower fan.You can install your Panorama Fireplace in almost any room in your home. Since it can vent directly from the fireplace to the outside of your home, you will no longer have the expense of building or lining a full chimney system

Brand Name: Regency
Catalog ID: P42
Height: 34
Length: 19
Width: 40

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Glass or Screen bay front
Brushed copper full screen door
Black full screen door
Brushed steel full screen door
Brushed steel louvers
24 karat gold louvers
Remote control
Brick Panels(6 options)
Finishing trim