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Various Fireplace Manufacturers Can Ensure The Right Product For You


Fireplaces nowadays are one of the hottest products on the market, ranking among the top three features demanded by new home buyers. Modern consumers are not only looking for ambiance, but expect the maximum heat with the minimum environmental impact. Various fireplace manufacturers have responded to these demands, with a wide range of natural gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces and stoves.

In recent years, gas and electric fireplaces have increasingly been outselling wood-burning ones, largely because, despite the wonderful ambiance wood-burning fireplaces create, they require an enormous amount of labor. In addition, they leave a big carbon footprint, and require a lot of safety precautions. Electric and gas fireplaces are very popular because they are labor-saving, generally safe, and environmentally friendly.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of natural gas fireplaces is actually that they can provide all the ambiance of a wood-burning fire without any of the effort. This is largely because various fireplace manufacturers use log sets that are made from ceramic or cement, but molded from actual logs. They even provide the realistic aroma of burning wood, and add LED accent lighting for a convincing flicker effect. The fires can be lit, adjusted and extinguished instantly by remote control.

Natural gas fireplaces come in a wide variety of designs. You can choose a built-in or free-standing fireplace, and you have the choice of traditional masonry, or one of the sleek contemporary metal designs. Fireplaces can be vented or vent-free, and vent-free fireplaces can be placed anywhere in the house, or even hung on the wall. These days they are considered quite safe, as they use catalytic converter technology to cleanse the hot air as it exits the combustion chamber.

Electric fireplaces are equally easy to operate — they are simply switched on or off — and require no installation, simply needing a power point in the vicinity. Unlike the old-style ineffective space heaters, nowadays they have blower inserts, and come with a sophisticated thermostat, to ensure the heat level is kept on an even keel. Like gas models, they can replicate a wood-burning effect.

Many people worry that electric fireplaces mean big electricity bills. However, with sensible use of the thermostat, they can actually turn out to be very economical. Moreover, they are the most eco-friendly of all fireplace types.

Whichever of these you prefer, you will find there is an extensive product line of fireplaces to fit in with every style of home, and every possible personal taste. The important thing is that you have a beautiful fireplace which will both enhance your living space, and provide reliable comfort and warmth for you and your family. Various fireplace manufacturers have provided a wide variety of options, to ensure you have the right product for your home, your budget and your lifestyle.

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