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Tips On When To Replace Your Heating And Cooling Equipment

Carrier ProductsEfficient heating and cooling equipment is important for you and your family and for other reasons such as lowering your utility bills, increasing the life of your HVAC equipment and offering greater comfort for your family and loved ones.

It is important to note that if your HVAC unit is not maintained on a regular basis, it may be working inefficiently or too hard and causing higher energy bills. Most importantly, we all need and want our heating and cooling systems to give us comfort and to last as long as possible. However, just as with other appliances, there comes a time to replace heating and cooling equipment.

There are certain signs that your heating and cooling equipment may need to be replaced such as if your heating and cooling system is more than 10 years old or if your furnace or boiler is more than 15 years old. This kind of equipment often lasts a long time but when they become less efficient, it may be time to replace them.

Another indication is when you notice that some rooms in your home are either too hot or too cold. If this happens, it could be the result of duct problems, improper equipment operation or poor insulation.

If your home doesn’t have a programmable thermostat, you may want to have one installed because you can save money on energy bills; especially when some family members are not home for long periods of time or when your family is sleeping. In addition, if you notice that your home has more dust than usual, this may also be a sign.

To be clear, leaky ducts can drag in particles from crawl spaces, attics and so on and then distribute them in all areas of you home. Clearly, this can present a health problem to members of the family who suffer from allergies. To solve this problem, your ducts should be sealed. High-efficiency units are more productive and can save you money on your energy bills.

Most importantly, if you notice that your heating and cooling system is noisy, this could also be an indication that your equipment needs to be replaced. Some suggest that when you are thinking about replacing a heating or cooling unit such as a furnace, you may also want to replace or add other heating and cooling tools. It seems that both heating and cooling systems run more efficiently if they are combined with quality humidifiers and thermostats.

To conclude, heating and cooling equipment often lasts a long time; however, there comes a time when they need to be repaired or replaced. Before making a decision to repair or replace your equipment, check out the cost of both and then make a decision.

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