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Take Care Of A/C Maintenance Before The Season Ends

Senior man opening air conditioning filter in ceilingWhile it is very important to service your HVAC system every year, there is some A/C maintenance work that you should always finish before the summer season comes to an end. Proper upkeep will help your system to run efficiently. Get your air conditioning unit prepared for the winter by following these steps.

Empty Any Water

Check the condensate pan and the drain to see if any standing water has built up. These are the places where moisture is caught and removed when the system is running. You will want to empty and dry it out, so that it does not freeze during the colder months.

Check Air Filters

The air filters collect dirt, dust mites, and other debris when the A/C system is running. It is necessary to change them out often, as they can get dirty quickly. This is one of the most important aspects of summer air conditioning maintenance to pay attention to. Since the same filter usually works for A/C and heating, you will definitely want to replace it at the end of the summer season.

Clean Coils and Fins

The evaporator coils and fins collect a lot of dirt and build up as the air circulates. You can simply take a damp paper towel or cloth and wipe them down. This will quickly and easily remove the dirt.

Clear the Condenser

The last thing that you will want to do is check the condenser unit, which is usually situated outside on the back or side of the house. Clear away any overgrown weeds, grass, or shrubbery. You can wipe down the unit with a damp cloth. Debris can fall on top of the unit, so be sure to clear any away.

When the summer season begins next year, you want to be confident that your unit is running efficiently. Since this type of maintenance can be time consuming, you may find it easier to contact a professional service to take care of it. Call your local HVAC contractors to do end of the season maintenance, and you can ensure that your system will be working well in every season.

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