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Save Energy By Monitoring Your AC This Summer

Technician doing AC maintenanceSummer is fast approaching and for a lot of people out there, it means time to run the air conditioner. In a lot of regions it is important to run the air conditioner to keep the home at a desired temperature. Sometimes this means running the AC when nobody is home, except for our pets. This extra use of electricity can skyrocket your energy costs, sometimes doubling the amount we would pay in the summer or spring. Here are few tips that anyone can and should do, to improve on energy consumption, as well as lower costs.

The most important but probably most overlooked aspect in this is to change your air by using clean filters. You definitely want to do this in order to open up the air flow throughout the home, and in some cases reducing the amount of time it takes to bring the home to the desired temperature. If you service your unit once per year, this ensures that the AC unit, heat pump unit or whatever you use to cool the house is operating at its peak. If you do not have air filters, servicemen typically carry these, or you can pick them up at any hardware store. Clean filters also ensure that many molds and other airborne germs are not spreading through the home.

If you program thermostat make sure you raise the temperatures a few degrees inside the home while you are away. 78-82 is usually the ideal temperature. Some smart thermostats like Honeywell’s WiFi enabled stat and the Nest Smart learning thermostat can also be remotely controlled giving you a complete program thermostat. Energy companies can also offer certain rewards as well.

Some energy companies out there will offer people rebates and other incentives for turning off the air conditioner altogether during what is known as ‘peak hours’. This benefits the entire community because it also helps to prevent rolling blackouts. Others give people rebates simply for installing a certain type of thermostat. Visit your local electric companies website for more details regarding summer rewards programs that may be offered in your locals area. To further help clients save money some program thermostats like the Nest let you know you are saving energy by displaying an icon of a leaf. When you run the temperature at a money saving temperature the leaf icon lets you know that you are saving money. The amount is dependent on your local company and their per kilowatt charge.

So if you service your unit, install clean filters a couple times a year, and actually program thermostat on the wall, you should be all set this summer to enjoy the sun, but without breaking your wallet. You are also doing a great service to your neighbors and community by being energy efficient, which reduces the entire energy consumption, which is not only good locally, but globally as well. We can all do our part to help protect the planet, but it starts with as something as simple as managing our air conditioning units, and maintaining them so they are working properly.

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