Central Air Conditioner Charging Tips Featured Online

A homeowner knows that air conditioner coolants may need to be recharged due to normal wear and tear, and other issues that occur during a year of normal use. A Consumer Reports survey of homeowners found savings of more than 30% on AC costs when […]

Tips On When To Replace Your Heating And Cooling Equipment

Efficient heating and cooling equipment is important for you and your family and for other reasons such as lowering your utility bills, increasing the life of your HVAC equipment and offering greater comfort for your family and loved ones. It is important to note that […]

How To Minimize Home Heating Costs

The polar plunge that descended over the country and brought with it brutal cold that has gripped most of the eastern two–thirds of the United States, has forced many Americans to dig deep into their wallets to pay for increased heating expenses. As most people […]

Keeping Your Gas Furnace Working During The Winter Months

Ideally, you should try to ensure that the heating system in your home is working properly, prior to the onset of winter. However, if this has slipped your mind, there’s no time like the present to inspect your gas furnace. This way, you can address […]

The National Governor’s Association And Energy Efficiency Initiatives

The National Governor’s Association (NGA), in efforts to increase both the awareness and implementation of energy efficient practices, has recently begun discussing the types of policies and maneuvers that would be able to increase energy efficiency across the nation. As of 2013, 31 states have […]

HVACR Industry Teachers Adapt To Technological Developments

To train the present generation of new HVAC technicians, many HVAC instructors have gone back to basic principles. This is in response to the ever increasing complexity of everything to do with HVAC systems. Giving students a solid grounding in the basics of applied thermodynamics, […]

The Importance Of A Fully-Functional Heating System This Winter

The chill that you feel when fall is over is a telltale sign that winter is definitely just around the corner. While you might start busying yourself with the buying of presents or with the Christmas decorations, you should not forget another important aspect in […]