The Importance Of Annual Furnace Maintenance

The comfort of your home is affected by the temperature. When the weather outside is warm and muggy, you want your home’s interior to be cool. When it’s chilly or downright cold outside, you want to stay warm inside. Annual furnace maintenance is the key […]

Furnace Warning Signs That Mean It’s Time For Repairs Or Service

Homeowners who are concerned about the safety and performance of their heating system should consider an annual furnace inspection. With a furnace inspection by a qualified HVAC professional, many problems can be handled long before they become serious issues. Additionally, common furnace warning signs should […]

Take Care Of A/C Maintenance Before The Season Ends

While it is very important to service your HVAC system every year, there is some A/C maintenance work that you should always finish before the summer season comes to an end. Proper upkeep will help your system to run efficiently. Get your air conditioning unit […]

When Will Higher HVAC Efficiency Standards Be Implemented?

If you followed the 2009 efforts by the Department of Energy, chances are, you are aware of the fact that the proposed changes to the current minimum HVAC efficiency standards were supposed to go into effect in 2013. These new minimum requirements for AFUE or […]

Air Patrol Air Conditioning

Millions of Americans now use the internet to find information and to complete various tasks. From reviews about a doctor, to paying bills, to finding the used boat you want, to finding out what time the library opens, to writing a term paper, to banking […]

Diagnose Your Air Conditioning Problem

If you are like most American’s, you take your air conditioning unit and HVAC system for granted. You expect your home to be the comfortable temperature you expect it to be, year round, without exception. However, there are times when you find your system is […]

Is Your HVAC System Protected From Power Surges?

It is a stormy night. The wind is blowing roughly through the trees and the rain pounds hard against the windows in your home. You put little thought into this storm, however, because you know that your home is protected and this storm isn’t as […]

High Winds Across The United States Affecting Indoor Air Quality

Homeowner’s all across the country have been experiencing the effects of high winds. Unfortunately, these winds are not only wreaking havoc with dust, dirt and debris being strewn across your yard, patio and outdoor surfaces, but these winds are also forcing particles into your HVAC […]

The Importance Of Home Utility Maintenance Inspections

Many people take the changing seasons for granted, they realize that they need to take care of some basic home maintenance tasks and make sure their heating and cooling systems are serviced before each season; however, the thought that the changing temperatures could be causing […]

Save Energy By Monitoring Your AC This Summer

Summer is fast approaching and for a lot of people out there, it means time to run the air conditioner. In a lot of regions it is important to run the air conditioner to keep the home at a desired temperature. Sometimes this means running […]