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Should I Leave Interior Doors Open Or Closed During Heating And Cooling

Regardless of the season, your HVAC system’s main purpose is to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Running your system can be particularly expensive during the extremes of the year (summer and winter) so a few temperature control tips can come in quite handy.

One common tip is to have interior doors closed. The main idea is to limit space that needs to be heated or cooled by limiting air movement. It seems to make sense that the system will run more efficiently as there is no need for unused rooms to be heated or cooled all day so closing them will save you some cash. However, there is nothing further from the truth.

The reverse is true. Closing doors blocks air flow and increases pressure in the room. Air that is trapped in the room will therefore escape through any crevices it can and is replaced in an equal amount. Contrary to popular belief, the process actually increases the amount of air being drawn into closed rooms consequently increasing utility bills.

Air coming into the room isn’t from your heating or cooling system either. It’s coming from leaks in windows, your water heater or even your chimney. High chances are that the air is unfiltered as it’s not passing through your system. This means that you are pulling in air that has contaminants. The result can be danger to your occupants in the form of high carbon monoxide levels, damage to your home or possible growth of mold and mildew.

Several solutions can cut your costs and help fix the issue. The main tip is to simply leave your doors open. Using gates to keep out pets can be a better solution than closing the doors. Another viable solution is to install returns in all your rooms. It may not be cheap and you might need to hire a pro to run ducts into each room but it’s a simple solution overall. Having a competent contractor install transfer grills can also help to increase airflow between closed rooms and the hallway.

No matter the weather, extremely closing doors only lowers the efficiency of your HVAC system. Keep air circulating properly by either leaving doors open, installing grills or returns. Call us for all your HVAC needs.

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