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The Importance Of Changing The Air Filter In Your HVAC System

Furnace filterHaving an HVAC system is an excellent way to keep the air in your home fresh and clean. HVAC systems will keep pet dander, dust, and other air pollutants out of your home. While having an HVAC will keep your the air in your home clean, it is important to change the air filter in the system to keep it in proper working order.

The main reason that an HVAC system fails is because the filter is dirty. When the filter is dirty, it will restrict the air flow to the systems air handler. When there is a strain on the handler’s motor or fan, your system could overheat or stop working all together. Changing the air filter can prevent this from happening. The price that it would cost you to replace the air filter is no where near the price you would pay to repair or replace your entire system.

When you have a clogged air filter, it will cause your system to work harder. When your system works harder, the system will require more energy, resulting in your energy bills going up. If you check your air filter’s condition often, you can save yourself a great deal of money. After changing your filter just once, you will see a difference in your next months energy bill. Purchasing and changing the filter on your system is cheaper than the high energy costs that a dirty filter will cause.

Changing your HVAC system’s air filter can also protect your family’s health. Many people have HVAC systems installed to keep the air in the home clean. It is especially important for people who have family member in the home with allergies or breathing problems, such as asthma. A dirty filter will make the air quality in the home worse. When the air quality is bad, it can aggravate allergies and asthma. Keeping the air filter clean will keep you and your family healthy.

When you have dirty filters in your system, your air conditioning and heating ducts will get dirty much faster than they would if you had a clean filter. It is necessary to have a routine cleaning done on the heating and air conditioning ducts in your home. This is typically a yearly cleaning. If you are running an HVAC system with dirty filters, your annual cleaning can turn into three or four times a year. By using clean filters, you are saving yourself the money on all of the extra cleanings. When you compare the price of new air filters and the price of having your ducts cleaned three or four times a year, it is not contest. The new air filters will be much less expensive.

There are many different types of filters to choose from. Whichever you choose is not as important as changing the filter often.

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