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Furnace Warning Signs That Mean It’s Time For Repairs Or Service

furnace inspectionHomeowners who are concerned about the safety and performance of their heating system should consider an annual furnace inspection. With a furnace inspection by a qualified HVAC professional, many problems can be handled long before they become serious issues. Additionally, common furnace warning signs should be taken seriously and at the first sign of trouble, a HVAC technician should be called in to service your furnace.

A common problem that can lead to a poorly functioning furnace, mechanical failures and reduced energy efficiency is a furnace with obstructed airflow. A heating system relies on good air flow in order to function properly. Whether it is an obstruction in the ductwork of your home or it is a vent that is blocked by boxes, furniture or other items, without good airflow your furnace will not be able to operate efficiently. Of course, a dirty or clogged air filter can also lead to poor performance because it limits airflow. However, dirty filters can also be a health hazard because contaminants such as mold spores and other airborne particles can be circulated back into the air your family breathes. It is essential that furnace filters be replaced on a regular basis.

A very important warning sign that could be potentially dangerous is a furnace with a flame that is not burning a steady blue. Furnaces require the right mixture of oxygen and gas in order to function safely. If this mixture is not regulated properly, it could lead to reduced efficiency as well as pose a hazard for your home and family.

Furnace warning signs can also include noises and unusual odors. If you hear rattling or creaking noises from your furnace or you smell gas, these can be important signs that your furnace needs service. Sometimes these problems can easily be fixed by a HVAC technician; however, sometimes, it might indicate that you need a new furnace. The only way to tell is with a professional furnace inspection.

Whether you have a furnace that isn’t heating properly or you have other issues with your heating system, give a local HVAC contractor a call for the best solution.

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