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What Is The Difference Between Manual And Electronic Thermostat Controls

Infinity_Touch_ControlA thermostat is a device that regulates the temperature of an environment by making adjustments to a preferred temperature range. If the temperature is too warm, it will start up the air conditioner and if it becomes too chilly, it will turn on the heating. They are invaluable as they control the mechanisms of heating and or cooling by directing energy to the right system as needed.

Manual thermostat controls feature mercury units that have internal coils to contract or expand in response to changes in temperature. This type of thermostat is fast becoming obsolete for two main reasons. The purchase of products containing mercury has been banned or restricted in many countries and digital thermostats can more accurately register and respond to changes in temperature. On the other hand, they still remain popular as they are relatively more affordable, most people are familiar with their controls design and their ease of use.

Some anual thermostats make use of an electronic temperature sensor to register room temperature changes and then compare the changes with the user’s selected settings. If there is a difference between the set temperature and the room temperature, a command calling for action is sent to the heating or cooling system. This type of unit requires manual adjustment to set preferences whenever you want to adjust the room temperature.

Electronic thermostat controls offer far greater efficiency and cost savings. They are an upgrade from digital manual thermostats and little work is needed to adjust once you have programmed the thermostat to fit your lifestyle and schedule. All you are left to do is sit down and relax. Huge energy savings and enhanced comfort are made possible by simply programming the temperatures into the memory of the unit along with the times of the day you would like temperature changes to occur.

Before choosing a particular thermostat, it is important to understand some of the basics. Get to know the different ways electronic thermostats can be programmed and any other additional features that can come in quite handy. If you are still spoilt for choice on the thermostat that best suits your needs call us to learn more about home thermostats or to install a new programmable thermostat today.

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