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Central Air Conditioner Charging Tips Featured Online

hvac_guy-2-BKA homeowner knows that air conditioner coolants may need to be recharged due to normal wear and tear, and other issues that occur during a year of normal use. A Consumer Reports survey of homeowners found savings of more than 30% on AC costs when air conditioners were serviced on a regular basis by a professional heating and AC expert. For instance, if the central air conditioner has not been serviced since last season, then the best advice is to contact a local home air conditioner professional. In turn, the AC expert can provide such things as seeing if the central air conditioner needs charged.

AC Freon charged?

It is also important to have an AC professional check to see if a charge of coolants is needed since homeowners can avoid adding Freon if the unit does not require it for optional service. Although coolants are viewed as having a long service life with most air conditioners, there can be damage or other issues that require coolants to be recharged or replaced. A trained AC technician can determine if a Freon charge is necessary.

At the same time, an AC technician performs a number of dynastic checks to see if a central air conditioner needs a recharge. The AC check-up includes:

– Check for contaminants that may require repair or a charge of AC coolant.

– Inspect the thermostat for damage, buildup, dust or other issues linked to a lost in coolant charge.

– Check vents to see if a coolant recharge is required by a technician to see if the vents are allowing cool air to blow when the unit is working properly.

– Clean AC filers that tend to get clogged during normal seasonal use. Also, it is know that outdoor AC units can become damaged from high wind and seasonal storms during the winter season.

In general, a sure sign that an AC unit needs to be recharged is when rooms are not getting as cold as it should, say technicians.

Checking thermostat

According to AC experts featured on the popular PBS TV program “This Old House,” the units thermostat is a good place to check if there is suspected loss of its proper coolant charge. An AC technician can inspect the thermostat to see if there is any damage or other system failure that may be linked to a breakdown in the coolant required to cool the air in a room or throughout the home. A frost buildup can freeze AC elements, and result in coolant escaping the unit for proper air cooling, say air conditioner professionals commenting online.

Overall, it is vital that a homeowner contact a professional heating and cooling technician to inspect and service an AC unit that may need a coolant recharge.

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