What Is SEER And What Is Its Importance?

There are several measures of the energy efficiency of different devices. For air conditioners, this measure is known as SEER. So what is SEER? The seasonal energy efficiency ratio commonly abbreviated as SEER is a measure that shows how energy efficient a certain air conditioner […]

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Should Be Taken Seriously

Carbon monoxide poisoning should be taken seriously. When an individual is exposed to excess carbon monoxide fumes, it is possible to experience a level of poisoning that is fatal. Carbon monoxide is subtle in its effects on humans and animals because it is colorless and […]

The Many Benefits Of AC System Maintenance Agreements

Ensuring that a home or business’s heating and cooling needs are taken care of is important in any season. AC system maintenance agreements offer a smart and affordable way to keep residential and commercial heating and air conditioning systems in good shape. Regular inspections and […]

Staying Cool In The Sweltering Texas Heat

  In the summer heat, everyone is looking for the best ways to stay cool. Air conditioning systems are all up and running, keeping households cool and comfortable. In an effort to enjoy the summer and staying cool, it is important to ensure that you […]

AC Repair In Carrollton TX

  It is essential that your AC be in good working condition to ensure that you have a comfortable time indoors. No one wishes to be in a place that is hot, stuffy and humid. If you find that your AC is not working properly, […]

How to Add Central Air Conditioning To Your Home

As a homeowner, you need to make sure that your home has all of the necessary components when it comes to infrastructure. You need to make sure that you have a good piping system put in place as well as electrical wires in all the […]