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Can Air Conditioning Be Installed At Any Time Of The Year?

Air Conditioning Unit InstallationIf you have been considering Air Conditioning Installation or Air Conditioning Replacement for your home, the winter is actually a great time to schedule the work. While your indoor temperature and humidity level are no where near the sweltering conditions of mid-summer and the need for new central air conditioning is not pressing, realize that winter Air Conditioning Installation and Air Conditioning Replacement have certain advantages.

First of all, many utility companies give attractive off-season discounts and/or rebates during the winter months. Come the spring time, however, those price breaks may be gone. Acting now can save the consumer some cash.

Second, air conditioning technicians can install a new unit more easily and quickly in an attic space that is not blistering in the summer heat. Those under the roof spaces can reach temperatures of 150 degrees mid-summer–working conditions that are almost unbearable. Low winter temperatures mean a quicker and easier install, and less labor equates to a lower installation cost to the homeowner.

Third, any off season purchase for the home–whether it is air conditioning or other residential repair or improvement–is less expensive. Manufacturers routinely give price breaks during off-peak months to boost their business volume, but the discounts usually disappear in spring when they know that demand for their products will be higher.

Fourth, do not wait until the hot weather to install or replace an air conditioning unit. There will be a wait time as installers are busy in the spring and summer. Don’t put off air conditioning until you need it because you may end up suffering in that heat and humidity as you wait behind other customers.

Fifth, think about how you will pay for your summer climate control needs while the weather is still cold. This enables you to figure your home improvement budget sensibly with out the pressure of an unbearably hot and humid indoor environment.

Be sure to call us today to schedule a winter appointment for your summer Air Conditioning needs. Consultations are always free, and we are happy to advise you on what system will be best for you and your home.

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